Vertical Louvres

QEF Ltd offers a range of Vertical Louvres; designed, extruded and manufactured in Ireland.

QEF Vertical Storm Louvre – Class A1

Multi-pass extruded aluminium curved blade louvre pitched at 37mm, with louvre blades set in the vertical. The ingenious design of this louvre is the result of extensive research to produce a louvre capable of withstanding heavy rainfall whilst acting as an intake louvre.

The results achieved at BSRIA exceeded all previous records with an A1 classification up to 3.5m/s face velocity. QEF are not aware of any other louvre achieving Class A1.

The vertical louvre should be specified where the highest level of weathering combined with exceptionally low-pressure drop is required

QEF Vertical 33 Louvre – Class A2

Vertical high performance louvre based on typical moisture eliminator blade design. Vertical aligned double pass curved blades with large integral water trap.

QEF Vertical 33 louvre achieves Class A2 up to 3.5 m/s face velocity, with insect mesh fitted.

An economical alternative to the QEF Vertical Storm louvre, maintaining Class A weathering to 3.5m/s at a slightly higher pressure drop.

QEF Vertical Chevron 50 Louvre – Class A3

Double bank extruded aluminium curved blade louvre pitched at 50mm. Vertical aligned the QEF Vertical 50 Chevron louvre achieves Class A3 up to 3.5 m/s face velocity, with insect mesh fitted.

Designed to out-perform horizontal double and triple bank louvres that offer the design team an economical alternative where the vertical blade alignment is aesthetically acceptable.

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