Brise Soleil Aerofoil

Including 120 Aerofoil, 150 Aerofoil, 200 Aerofoil, 300 Aerofoil, 350 Aerofoil, our 350/400/450 Aerofoil suite and 450 Aerofoil.

Brise Soleil Eclipse

Including the Zed Blade, 115 Clip in Aerofoil and Curved Blade.

Brise Soleil Rectangular

Including the 175×28 Vertical Mullion/Clip, 200×50 Vertical Mullion/Clip, 300×50 Vertical Mullion/Clip, 40×40 Vertical Mullion/Clip and the 500×50 Light Shelf.

Brise Soleil Cedar

Including the 200×50 Cedar plank side arm vertical, the 200×50 Cedar plank Mullion/Clip vertiacl and the 140×30 Cedar side arm cantilever (c/w strut).

Brise Soleil Bespoke

QEF 40×40 Vertical Box System colour coordinated