Architectural Louvres

QEF are Ireland’s leading designer and manufacture of louvre systems.
We offer an extensive range of louvres for all applications. These include a fully tested range of high performing vertical and horizontal systems as well as lower performing and screening systems.

Vertical Louvres

Vertical blade louvres offer the highest performance in terms of weathering, combined with low-pressure drop.

High Performance Louvres

QEF Double Bank Horizontal Blade Louvres offering a range of weathering performance for all conditions.

Single Bank Weather Louvres

QEF offer a range of curved blade and flat blade single bank louvres to suit many different building applications.

Screening & Decorative Louvres

QEF Screening Louvre options include the standard QEF 90 Screening Louvres.

Louvre Doors

QEF offer integrated and stand-alone doors for all our louvre options.

Louvre Penthouses

Penthouses are available for the full louvre range, fully assembled units, or modular sections.

Pressed Metal Louvres

Available in panel format and continuous line mullion blade option.

Louvres can be supplied as framed units or as true continuous line louvres with no restriction in height or width and no visible fixings to the exterior face

QEF Louvres are designed as component louvres for ease of installation and to maximise flexibility in architectural design. The system comprising louvre blades, vertical mullions with loaded blade clips and casement frame with inserts as required.

Louvres are supplied factory finished for smaller sizes or in kit form for site assembly.

All louvre components extruded aluminium to BS6063 T6, Typically polyester powder coated to RAL or BS4800 colour range, alternative finishes include Decoral timber effect, anodized (natural, bronze or black) or mill finish.

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